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SEO Meta in 1 Click

This Chrome extension gives you everything Google sees when it indexes your site. It also shows heading structure, broken links, alt tags, and other handy insights to help ensure your site is solid.

Slides from SEO Basics

Get the slides from SEO Basics! And if you took this class, please provide feedback. Thanks!

SEO Basics

Slides from SEO with AI

Get the slides from SEO with AI! And if you took this class, please let us know what you thought. Thanks!

SEO and AI: An New Look at Search | Marit Digital

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Helpful Links & Resources

You’ll see many reference links to Ahref and Semrush. These are sites that have tools to collect data on your site analytics and offer insights. These tools can be intensely helpful, especially as you dive further into the analytics ocean. Many are free, but be aware that some are very expensive.